Mike Henderson checking out his Ginseng stockpile for ripeness


Thanks to all of you who had a go at the contest.. Only 16 got it right. Here’s the first 3 sent in..

Teresa Eaton
Mohammed Abbouti Temsamani
David Blizzard

Congratulations to you three. TOUR PRIZE being put together now…

The correct answers were…

A Chad Cromwell
B Richard Bennett
C Mike Henderson
D Guy Fletcher
E Glenn Worf
F Geraint Watkins

Another competition coming VERY soon…stay tuned.

1 hour
This is a shot of the stage tonight exactly one hour after we came off. 20 minutes later it’s ALL gone! The band were just about to leave the venue, we waited a bit because of the traffic.

the Oberhausen arena
Another venue shot from behind Chad’s riser.

Inside one of the trucks… 

wow, new levels of boredom

better pics tomorrow I promise!@12asd-www-guyfletcher-co-uk