Competition No.4 update
Competition now closed…I guess my hints were good the correct answers came flooding in! I’ll announce the winners (and correct answers) on my website as soon as I’ve sorted them out.

Well done,


It was another one of those 3 cities in one day, days. We spent the morning in Rome, doing the usual things. For me it was a great workout in the hotel gym, a quick shower and back to the room to go back on-line to receive the e-mail and competition entries. Keep ‘em coming. Mid afternoon we flew in the Dornier to Trieste airport and were picked up in the Mercs and driven 45 kilometres to the beautiful town of Udine. Right now we are on the plane to London Heathrow and ready for our 7 days off!!! Yippee.

Glenn’s bandanna
Glenn Saggers startled whilst tuning Mark’s Les Paul. The crew arrived late again today, it was just the distance from Rome. It wasn’t a problem though especially as we’re not sound checking anymore these days. 

Admiring the beautiful cars backstage. These two guys were hanging around all day. The white tent is our wardrobe and Masseuse tent. The dressing rooms are behind.

Here’s a shot of our Dornier captain, Brigit Klettner, taken when we arrived at Trieste airport this afternoon.. 

Mini competition
I think I’ve tortured you for long enough now. This picture was taken from the gap in between two portacabins (our 2 production offices at the venue) looking out into the audience about one hour before show-time. A lot of you were very close.

I’ll post more of these if you’re interested.

Soup Dragon
Here’s the soup dragon (aka. Geraint Watkins) on his second bowl of tomato soup in catering. He only had two today, I guess he was saving himself.

Wing Mirror
Me, during the drive to Udine looking for interesting things to shoot. These wing mirrors have proximity sensors built in you know.