Bilbao, I’m writing this one before the show tonight as I know I won’t be inclined to do it after we fly back to Madrid and arrive in the hotel at 2:00am. I shall be filling my bag with beers from the dressing room, in preparation for the frosty welcome at the hotel bar. Last night we got back from the gig in Madrid and went to the bar at 1:57am. The bar closes at 2, fact. I know it was 1:57 because I set my watch to the second. Would they give me a drink? What do you think! Then they unceremoniously kicked us out of the bar. Not very accommodating. I wouldn’t mind but we do pay extraordinary rates to stay there. I obviously can’t say which hotel it is as we still have two more nights there (Actually I can..It was the Westin Palace Hotel, Plaza De Las Cortez, 7, Madrid………… AVOID this hotel). Buy my forthcoming book for details of poncy hotels with attitudes; which reminds me I shall be conducting a band survey on the best and worst of everything during the whole tour. I’ll be publishing the reports probably during the last week of our outing. It promises to be quite a scathing report.

Here’s Tim having trouble hearing something during Line-check today.

Line check – pre-sound check activity where the crew ensure everything is plugged in correctly and getting to the front of house desk and monitors.

Here’s a picture of our Bruce in catering. Bruce personally serves each and every one of us our dinner in his own inimitable style.

Mark would like to thank the ‘Spanish City Girls’ for the flowers he received in Madrid. They’re beautiful.

Updates information…… I have now put up a FAQ’s page on my website. Go to the tour diary link within my site guyfletcher.co.uk

Chad at the bullring in Bilbao

Hola. Queriamos daros las gracias a todos los fans que asistieron a nuestros 
conciertes de Barcelona, Madrid y Bilbao…y por supuesto a los que han 
estado siguiendo mi diario de esta gira. Como siempre, nos lo pasamos 
genial en vuestro pais y esperamos poder volver muy pronto. Nos vemos…oe, 
oe, oe, oe, oe, oe!!!

A splendid cup of tea. (The milk here is good, makes all the difference)

Geraint at the piano, an unusual perspective. The whole band showed up today for sound check quite under-dressed. We didn’t check the weather forecast in Bilbao. It was nearly 40 degrees C. in Madrid this afternoon and we just assumed it would be the same here, alas, it’s cool and cloudy….hope it doesn’t rain.