All these people worship BEER!
Max drew this during the show and made sure we all signed it as soon as we came off stage tonight.  

The audience tonight were what we have come to call ‘a listening audience’. After the noise and excitement of Italy and Spain, it has taken a while for us to get used to the crowd being so quiet during the show. It’s quite a contrast. It’s much more musical for us as we can really explore the dynamic ie. We can hear the quiet bits. Great sounding room here.

Here’s a shot of BJ Lewis our driver who I mentioned yesterday, driving us down to Brighton this afternoon from Birmingham. Of course we made the traditional stop for lunch at a motorway services. Geraint and Glenn gave in to the temptations of Burger King, the rest of us didn’t.

Tea Lady?

I pressed this switch (located on the dashboard of the bus) but no-one arrived with tea. So I had to make it. Tea-addicts note: Browns tea, from Ireland was used courtesy of Brendan Galvin.

This is Max’s school-friend, Tom Frampton. Another budding drummer. Chad let him loose on his kit about 2 hours before we went on tonight. I think Tom was a little overwhelmed..

West Pier
Across the street from the venue here is of course the seafront. Thought I’d take a quick tourist snap of the old West Pier. Windsurfers comment: Note the slight swell. I only mention it as tonight I had 32 guests (as I’m from this windswept and interesting part of the world) most of whom are my sailing buddies.