Leaving Berlin as swiftly as we arrived not 24 hours before, the band entourage found themselves on another station platform eagerly awaiting the almost silent arrival of another ICE train this time to Leipzig. The first class carriages are really not too dissimilar to those in the UK in that the difference between 1st and 2nd are not that great. The recline on my seat being broken drew the similarities even closer. The speed at which European trains travel however sets them apart from our UK clunkiness. We pulled into Leipzig and soon found ourselves in VW’s again on the way to the arena.

Nothing particularly unusual or earth shattering to report about the afternoon and subsequent show except that it was business as usual, difficult decisions to be made in catering (spot the three deliberate spelling mistakes in today’s menu) and another fabulously fun gig playing in front of yet another wonderful audience who showed us their appreciation early on and were standing for the most part during the show.

We ‘ran’ to our cars after the final bow and winged our way to the airport where Leiticia and the Legacy were waiting to drop us down to Munich for our next three day stay. A day off in Munich, something not seen on an MK tour for quite some time. Augustiner and Golf on the cards I think, that is, after a quick visit with Richard to Trader Vic’s, the legendary Polynesian bar that has resided beneath the clunky old Bayerischer Hof hotel for as long as I can recall. The decor hasn’t changed one iota since my last visit back in 1985, in fact, I believe they replaced the carpet with exactly the same pattern when the hotel underwent its much needed overhaul. A Mai Tai I think…