A one night stay in one of the most exciting cities in the world always seems insufficient but we made the most of it with a splendid session in the Augustiner bar after the show.

Our 1 hour train journey on the ICE train was relaxing and we pulled into Berlin and drove to the Arena for a relaxed sound check. As is so often the case in these arenas, there was some interference on the acoustic guitars caused by various radio frequencies but our crisis management department, aka Colin Barton was on hand to work at various solutions.




The day had kicked off with a swim in that unbelievable 50 meter pool in Wolfsburg surrounded by wood decking, we were later to discover that no luxury in this world is completely free. Both Ianto and myself received a couple of irritatingly small splinters in our feet. We confidently assumed the poolside area was the source. Mine is so small as to not pose any real threat to the show (haha) but Ianto’s required some dressing room surgery ably performed by Mike with Mark’s Swiss Army knife tweezers with myself and Pete on lighting duty. Some of the images are too gory for publication. It took a while but after soaking the foot in our ice bucket filled with warm water, Mike coerced it out after about 15 minutes.

Another great show after which we ran back to the Hotel De Rome, dropped our bags, made a quick turnaround and were in our old haunt, the Augustiner am Gendarmenmarkt bar within minutes. Litres of cleansing foaming suddenly appeared and with a selection of sausages and soft pretzels, we were in heaven…the pain and inconvenience of splinters in feet long forgotten.