Tour Diary : National Auditorium, Mexico City, Mexico
Tue 27 March 


Welcome to the first instalment of ‘tour notes’ compiled by Guy. Coming to you from a laptop somewhere in deepest hotel room, dressing room, tour bus or plane. Constantly in search of a different perspective. Always on the lookout for tour gossip/info/libellous remarks etc. etc.


Mexico City March 27th 2001. The Worm/Grasshopper eating session was, shall we say, an experience. One of the waiters in the bar at the Four Seasons Hotel, Mexico City was extolling the virtues and traditions of the ancient Mexicans, prompted by in-depth questioning from various drunken band members. The next evening he returned with a platter of freshly fried grasshoppers, worms and baby shrimp. The trick was to lace a small tortilla with guacamole, onion, chilli and sour cream then to sprinkle it liberally with the aforementioned insects. An element of peer-pressure ensured that every band member partook of the delicacy. Yum-Yum. Mark and Geraint led the charge.

Quote of the tour so far comes from Glenn Worf : “it says a lot about a country when you can’t drink their water, but you can eat their worms”

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Aztec Staduim
Guy, Pete, Rory Madden, Robbie McGrath and Paul Crockford were offered tickets to go and see Mexico against Jamaica on the day of production rehearsal in Mexico City. Here’s a pic of me at the stadium where the Mexican wave was invented.

Final score Mexico 4, Jamaica 1.