We left the beautiful surroundings and headed back along the path when came a few days before, pack into France and to the airport at Pau. We then flew to Salamanca and checked in to the delightful Don Gregorio before heading to the venue, a long 2 hour drive away. The plan was for us to meet a Police escort at a designated location. They weren’t there so we waited and eventually conceded to joining a queue of slow gig-traffic. 10 minutes later we saw the police car, flashed it and were in convoy and at the gig.


We’ve played this venue before but this one was seriously sold out, no doubt the addition of Fito y Fitipaldis on the bill a major contributor. Fito is known to have been hugely inspired by Mark so in that sense he was a natural support act. The only tricky part came when the crews had to do the changeover. The entire rig needed to be changed including lighting and backdrops, all in half an hour. This is for sure the toughest part of the tour for our crew as the very late get-outs and extreme locations mean deadlines are often extremely tight. They always seem to manage it though. As for our show, it was great if a little chilly, which was to be expected here in this dusty, remote valley.


The changeover….

Our trusty police escort was ready to aid our escape and head off back to Salamanca and our hotel. It would be another few hours before the crew would be able to get out. For me, it’s just great to be back in the land of the living.