Another Bank Holiday weekend in London and the city seems busy beyond belief. After a sumptuous breakfast (almost perfect) at the Beaumont I found myself on the streets and a quick visit to a camera shop before we met up with the VW’s and our afternoon run up to Birmingham. The Sat-Nav predicted 2 hours and 10 minutes and once we cleared the London snarl, this estimate seemed very do-able. Do it we did and we rolled up into the NEC backstage area around 4pm. Remnants of lunch was still to be found in catering as I wandered in, checking in as I always do with Steve Dave and Chris. “Curry night tonight”, Dave proudly announced. Always nice words to hear as their curries are legendary.

Hot dressing room action…

Ruth Moody says hi…

After the O2 show, this one seemed very relaxed and a wonderful ‘listening’ audience were on their feet by the end. Strange little pieces of Rizzla-like paper kept flitting down from above throughout the show and Mark eventually asked the audience if anyone knew what they were. “Have they had Michael Bolton on Ice in here” he asked. We never found out. A swift runner back to the hotel residents bar for a nightcap and the day was done.


A big thank you for all your Birthday wishes.