Another searingly hot day in Rome and another air-conditioned one for me in a hotel bed. This was by now starting to get very tiresome, not least for my lovely wife Laurie, who had flown out to the most romantic of cities to celebrate her birthday and all I could do was sweat and moan.
By the time we arrived at the venue for dinner in a little restaurant around the corner (no touring catering today) I only wanted to lie down. This I did. Pete brought me a little pasta which I managed and it was show time once again. As we approached the stage for the show, crew members asked how I was, their concern was touching. I replied positively, knowing that adrenaline would be internally available shortly. I made it through the show and all the gear worked and as is sadly typical in Lucca, we had to curtail the show ever-so slightly due to an airport curfew. This was music to ‘my’ ears as all I wanted to do was go to bed.
Mark and the band were amazing and as has always seemed to be the case within it, if you’re having an ‘off night’, it’s perfectly fine to roll along and let the boys take the pressure, there really is a feeling of support musically as well as socially.
The Lucca audience too were typically brilliant, it’s always a treat playing in Italy, I just wish I could have enjoyed it.
I really wanted to get better for tomorrow as it was a long, hard travel day. Travel being by far the worst thing to do when ill as I’m sure many readers will testify.