As has been requested on more than one occasion, here is some inside info on Mark’s guitar rig. Glenn Saggers station. As anyone who has seen the show will realise, there are a lot of guitar changes not only for Mark but for everyone. Mr. Saggers works flat out during the show, tuning and preparing amp setups and delivering instruments to Mark flawlessly through the evening. I really don’t know how he does it as every amp sound and effects setting is recalled meticulously for each and every song. Two Reinhardt amps are used in leap-frog fashion and whilst we are performing one song, the next one is being set up. Also there is the ’59 Bassman (offstage) which is used for slide along with Mark’s ‘Dano’ and of course the Tone King which resides onstage in between the two 4×12 cabinets. The Tone King settings remain constant during the show.

Arguably the nicest and best equipped spa on the tour calls all band members today for swimming, sauna, outdoor jacuzzi, workout pain etc. etc. For me it was an early bath, the swimming pool and then a quick dip in the three outdoor water baths each offering temperature differentials. The swim knocked me out so that by the time I met the boys in the Dolder lobby for departure to the gig, I was ready for a full blown nap. Now we are deep into this road trip, the full extent of our dedication to health is becoming apparent. There’s something different about this trip. Yes, they all get better each time we head out on the road but this one is unique. The stage-time seems like more fun than ever and the after-show get togethers seem to be gelling as my late night Zurich balcony would testify if it could talk. An after-show party. Full blown and attended by the whole band with music on the Spaced 360 of course. The 360 really is THE party unit and this evening it was tested in the extreme and passed with flying colours. There are bluetooth devices that impress with sound and compactness but we all agree, this one takes the prizes. If you don’t own one and you like a bit of a tune…I suggest you follow the links and order one today. OR, you could enter the competition I will be activating soon.

As for today’s show, well what can I say. What a great crowd. The Swiss have always been extremely attentive and when the time is right, loud. That time came at the end, with smiling faces teary-eyed and hands waving as we left the arena for our late-night soirée. With ‘happy bags’ (containing the entire dressing room rider) loaded in the cars we glided off back to the Dolder where my room awaited.


With the shutter open for a full 8 seconds, the mists hang over Lake Zürich in the full moon to provide the perfect backdrop and end to another great day on the road.