Well we’ve done it a few times in the past and often right here in Germany. I am of course talking about 4 cities in one day. Waking, breakfasting and gymming in Copenhagen, we left the D’Anglaterre at 1:30 and drove to Copenhagen airport where we boarded the Legacy which was parked right next to an RAF Chinook helicopter which appeared to be grounded due to a hydraulic leak. We flew swiftly Southwards to Hamburg where Constantine and his team of VW drivers met us airside and drove us to the Arena.

Catering was back online today to the relief of all. The menu today was typically ridiculous and food envy was back on the agenda. (ie. no matter what you order, someone else’s food looks better) The truth is, it doesn’t matter which of the 4 main courses you choose, you’ll not be let down. Below we can see Steve’s ordering system, similar to that used in restaurants…and of course today’s stupendous menu. I’ll spare you the close-ups of the dishes as saliva doesn’t mix with computers.

OK just a small picture of some Portabello mushrooms with fresh Truffles

It’s SO nice to be indoors again, as everyone agreed. No cold, numb hands on this evening’s show. The band seemed completely on song, our in ear mixes were back on indoor mode, the low end of the sonic spectrum being rediscovered in a large way. The PA system on outdoor shows is relatively distant and of course the majority of our gigs are inside arenas, we are used to the effects of performing behind an extremely powerful system. Anybody know what this is…?

The audience here in Germany were wonderfully respectful and all up on their feet at various points during the show. Another great, fun evening. Then it was a runner back to the GA terminal where various notorious members of the ‘undead’ were waiting for pics and autographs. Signing autographs is not something that we mind doing except that apparently these gentlemen were professionals. It seems they are there whenever bands come through town and clearly were not at the venue. E-bay being the potential destination for their quarry.

After some basic security checks we boarded the jet and headed for Cologne-Bonn airport where we were met by Lars and HIS team of drivers who sped us back on relatively clear autobahns to Dusseldorf where we will spend the next few days. Four cities in one day.

By the way, for those who have seen the show, the background image on this page is a view from behind the stage backdrop showing some of the rigging and lighting array which projects onto the screen.