Today’s travel logistics looked too complex to comprehend yet somehow everything ran like clockwork today. Saying our farewells to Munich, we headed off in the cars to the airport to fly onward to Linz in Austria where we were met by team B VW drivers for our drive to the lovely Clam Castle in Saxen, Austria…a district of Perg. No, I’ve never heard of it either. The countryside was quite beautiful as we drove along the banks of the Danube passing through small towns which seem to have a propensity for large, ugly advertising signage. Once you leave the town though, the views return to their natural beauty. One such town was called Windpassing. Flatulance monitored by radar. Novel idea.

The venue was in the shadow of the Castle Burg Clam, part of the Burg Clam festival held here each year. We had a soundcheck in the searing sunshine and relaxed backstage in very comfortable surroundings with the ambient temperature dropping nicely for the show. Crocks shows a cool head….

The after-show runner involved a speedy police escort to enable us to leave the area without being caught up in any traffic leaving the venue early and then took us further along the banks of the Danube. Pete had supplied drinks in the car and vans along with a few local hot dogs. As always, any food presented after a gig is duly despatched. An hour and forty minutes later we were pulling into Vienna for our four night stay in a luxurious new hotel. Sleep was imminent.