Dutifully checked out of the Park Hyatt in Budapest, we climbed into our cars and vans. A logistically complex day lay ahead for our drivers. I’ll see if I can get this right… Alex’s team ‘B’ drove us to the airport in Budapest and then drove on to Krakow (5 hours). Goran’s team ‘A’ met us at Krakow airport and delivered us to the venue, then went back to the airfield and collected our luggage and drove to the Sopot hotel (5 hours). After show, team ‘B’ delivered us from the venue to Krakow airport. Then when we landed in Gdansk, team ‘A’ was waiting to our hotel having previously dropped the bags into our rooms. The rule seems to be, if it’s doable, they’ll do it. They really are remarkable, the nicest guys and the absolute best drivers and believe me, we know. We’ve seen them all.

Zooming through the Budapest traffic in graceful fashion, we were dropped at the GAT terminal where we waited for a brief period and boarded the jet. 

It is a little known fact that Krakow is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, I am told. The old town is a designated UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the very few in Europe that remains completely intact after the war. Unfortunately, for both band and crew, like so many visits, our schedule meant that it was a flying one.

Ęven for us, it’s hard to comprehend (speaking of logistics) the production logistics that we don’t see and today, the trucks arrived late which meant the whole day for the crew was set back although by the time we arrived at the venue, you’d never have known they’d had no breakfast and had been working flat out all day to catch up. Catering didn’t even get going until 11:15 so it was straight into lunch.

Krakow didn’t disappoint and the audience was one of the most excitable of the tour. When we launched into the ‘song with the South American connection’, they could contain themselves no longer and the run began. The ensuing partying, for want of a better word, put smiles on the faces of the band, not that that is required. Sometimes it’s hard not to smile being up there with this lot. I’m particularly fortunate as I get to see the whole Ianto/Danny show! If you are coming to a show, check them out.

In cars on route to the airport, we were enthused by the spirit of the Polish audience tonight. We were soon onboard the jet where Tijana was waiting with a fabulous spread. Curry is probably the perfect after show food if I’m completely honest, but don’t tell anyone. It was Tijana’s last flight with us and she was as sad to leave as we were to see her go. She’s been so kind to us and I know we’ve made her laugh along the way. We were soon saying goodbye and in cars on the way to our tourist hotel location for the next few days. On the beach. YES. A brief Dr. Fletch session with a case of Augustiner beers which Goran so kindly bought us.

Thanks to Wojtek Szyndel for the inspired bottle top plaque handed to us at the gig. Mark and I appreciated your tribute.