Buenos Aires, March 30th 2001. The eagerly awaited football match between the ‘MK Giant’s and the ‘Diego Villeneuve Allstars’ (record company) took place in near perfect conditions. The fact that no members of the band were able to play didn’t dampen the spirit of the occasion. The final score was 8-5 to the Allstars. Diego’s (a staunch River Plate supporter) ego was satisfied especially as a well respected music business manager had been taunting him on numerous occasions with regard to the 4-1 drubbing that River Plate suffered at the hands of Vasco de Gama when we were there previously on the promo tour. The only casualties were the feet of Giants centre forward and much adored backline tech. Colin Barton. They were badly blistered resulting in his almost total disability. (the photos were censored due to the gore quotient) Colin was seen by many during the next few shows, tuning guitars from the relative comfort of a wheelchair. I’m pleased to report all is well with his feet now.

Picture….MK is substituted!! please excuse poor Photoshop technique.