Flame of Blue

5 million lovers
falling every day
for a little ray of sunlight
to help them through the grey
wake up every morning
the pain won’t go away
but it won’t be too long before
the smile’s back on their face

The villagers were hiding
white brandy in the lake
they were discovered in the moonlight
retrieving with a rake
the agents of the revenue
laughed and walked away
but the moonrakers clearly had
the last laugh of the day

Will you drink with me good fellow
the essence of the corn
singing songs until we’re mellow
our fathers sang before we were born
sang before we were born

Moonshine and Maybury
it‘ll take you to the ditch
and there’s enough bite to take the chrome
off your trailer hitch
living on the night time
sleeping off the day
we’ll put white lightning in the car
and make our getaway

Lead is burning red for danger
and it will make you dead
but if a flame of blue is burning
it will make your blues go away
make your blues go away

musicians -

Backing vocals - Dorie Jackson
Drums and percussion - Danny Cummings
Acoustic guitar - Luke Brighty
Fiddle - John McCusker
Bass, Steel guitar, Electric guitar, Hammond B3, Piano - Guy Fletcher