Situated in Brittany on the banks of the Loire river and very close to the west coast and the Atlantic, Nantes was naturally one of France's major historic ports. As we flew in one couldn't help noticing how much greener it is here. It reminded me a bit of Ireland. I believe the Zenith here is France's newest and largest with an 8,500 capacity. Lots of smiling faces within the crew because of the space and easy load-in etc. I always think of how easy it must be to get it right when designing a modern music venue and how often it's just not the case in the UK. The Zenith arenas are testament to someone 'getting it right'. There's even parking spaces reserved specifically for the trucks.

The gig was another fab evening for all and the audience were quite the most attentive I think we've ever witnessed. They were literally hanging on every note that we played to the point of absurdity. During the piano breakdown in Telegraph Road, you could have heard a pin drop!

John's world. The red flight case in which John's array of alloy whistles travel is left open during the show.

TC's world. Tom Calcaterra is Richard's equivalent to Mr. Saggers. TC tunes and fixes all of Richard's and my guitars. Quite an array of instruments you'll agree from archtops and tipples to high strung acoustics and Les Pauls. These guys spend 70% of the show tuning guitars!

Someone asked about the use of one of the world's great wonders, 'velcro' in my keyboard rig. well here's a few shots demonstrating it's deployment. From velcro cable ties on the legs of the stands to the Korg Trinity being stuck down to my master keyboard with the stuff. In the pic below you can see the strips attached to the underside of the silver keyboard.


8th April - Nantes - Zenith

KTGC Tour 2008