As we left Newcastle we all agreed we'd had a fabulous couple of days even if the hotel wasn't quite up to the mark. Breakfast on room service was well below even a mediocre Holiday Inn standard and the coffee was pretty much undrinkable, but it's hard to be too harsh as the staff were all lovely.. so without harping on, onwards to Cardiff and the CIA, a well established gig on the UK touring circuit. Nothing particularly remarkable about the place really except that we always get a very warm welcome in Wales and of course it's the traditional home for a lot of our long-standing crew members including the lovely Robert Collins. Robert who's been a friend of the band for 25 years was scheduled to do out front sound on this tour but had to bow out after losing his wife to a battle with cancer. We saw him briefly in Birmingham and of course all wish him well.

Unusually, Richard was first through security at Newcastle airport and out to the plane....maybe he was hungry or something? Couldn't wait to get stuck into Linda's Sardine dip!

Matt took over Danny's role as interviewer today and spoke with the driving team B of Gunther, Eike and Bob. That'll be the next behind the scenes docu-film. Coming soon.

Another still taken from the handycam, Danny practicing his cross-stick rhythms.

Show number seven in a row meant that there were a few very tired crew members present tonight. As I've said before, a very difficult leg of the tour and I'm sure they're all glad of a bit of a rest before Brighton and the Royal Albert Hall shows.

Danny and I stayed behind after tonight's show as the band departed for the airport for their hop back to Luton and then on to London, we decided we would be driven directly home. Eike and Gunter soon returned and drove us home for the day off.

Here's a shot of the load-out from behind the stage. Only ten minutes after we came off stage.

22nd May - Cardiff - CIA

KTGC Tour 2008